Elements of A Good Website Design

When it comes to redesign a website, it may started with a bit of frustration and excitement. Although most of us know how to differentiate a nice develop website and a bad design website, but it is difficult have balance among all elements when designing a website.

But with so many option to choose from,  it can be very challenging sometimes to choose which elements that are really worth considering to. To help you narrow your focus, we’ve list down 6 important factors or elements that can help you develop a good website design


• Nice And Clean Professional Website

In a few seconds, visitors on your site will start to analyze and formulate an opinion regarding your business. That’s is why our site should be clean, professional, and convey the brand or image of your business. 

The navigation should be very straight-forward and make it simple for your audience with one or two clicks to search out information they’re looking for. People get frustrated easily, hence a simple navigation website design is more than enough for visitors

Apart from it, placing too many elements in your business website not only will slow down your website speed but also distract visitors from your website’s main purpose. It can be very irritating to load a website with it’s design features which do not serve the objectives


• Consistent User’s Experience

Consistency is the key when designing your website’s layout. Pay more attention to the website’s layout elements like fonts colour, heading, size, button style. The purpose of this practice is to ensure that evere design must be identical and similar through each of your pages.

Before making any mistakes, plan everything and draft your website’s overall design in advance. Finalize the fonts and therefore select the right colour that suits your brand

It’s not a must to have every page of your websites follow the same layout and concept to restrict your creativity. Instead, by using layout consistently, your audience may more familiar to your business or brand and understand what type of information they’ll expect to find from at websites


• Responsive Website

With more and more people using their smartphone to search for something they want in this era, it is important to consider building a website with mobile responsiveness. By utilizing the features of mobile responsiveness, you’d be expect your business to expand to a wider audience and can adjust to different screens

Keeping in mind that a mobile responsiveness website design will not contribute to anything to your website itself. But if you think further, mobile responsive websites do support different screen sizes and therefore the chances you will get noticed by your audience may increase.


• Effective And Well Writing Content

While a good web design is one of the crucial parts of a good web design, website content does play an important role at your overall website’s performance.

Content at your business should act as a representative for your website to speak to your audience. The copy of your content should be written in a professional tone and language impart a sense of the company’s personality and image. It is necessary to adjust to the writing style from your user’s preferences and habits so that it will.

Assuming that your website is using famous fonts like Arial, Helvetica or Comic Sans which is easier to read. You may want to take extra care on your keyword on your website as it becomes an integral part of SEO

Since the ranking of your website is determined by search engine crawlers, it is important to keep your website optimized with important keywords and readable for visitors. Extra steps for you to take for your website will be helpful such as using less competitive keywords, including metadata and description and other SEO-sensitive elements.


• Color Selection

Color can make or break a website. When choosing, the goal is not to choose bright or shining colours, but to use a limited palette of 3-5 colors that don’t clash with each other. Otherwise, it will be awful to look at.

The reason color selection is important when designing your website because a good combination of colour will provide the website a pleasant atmosphere, thus leaving a positive reaction from your audience. Color may not be a useful tool for your business like increasing sales, leads or conversion. 

In other words, if a website has a bad color combination and visually looks disturbing and annoying, you may not even try to spend more time at the website, are you?

Apart from a visually attractive website, make sure to use white space as they avoid your website from visual clutter and mess. It’s not always a good idea to overdo your website with lots of combinations of colours without spaces between elements of your design, this could bring more harm than good !

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Prepared by: Adrian
Published by: Charlotte