Digital Transformation in COVID-19 Pandemic

Face-to-face interaction and brick and mortar venues are getting out of action after the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. In the marketing industry, online communication and remote working location is replacing the traditional method of doing marketing activities. In this tough time, companies, no matter large or small, are encountering hard times with their budget being limited and spending being challenged. Thus, marketers now are in the doubt of how to be responsive enough and provide solutions during this crisis. 


• Excellent Digital Experiences

In this pandemic, everything is going online. Shopping online is now a trend for people nowadays. This leads businesses to the difficulty of serving customers physically. However, fortunately, there is the existence of digital marketers, and their role is more important than ever before. They are now playing a main role in bringing excellent digital experience to the online shoppers. But how to bring excellent customer experiences to online shoppers without physically in touch with them?

When customer shops online, there are plenty of steps of that digital marketers need to put their focus on, in order to satisfy and bring excellent experience to them. These steps are known as ‘customer’s journey of purchasing’.  As a digital marketer, at the early stage where customer doesn’t even know the existence of your business, you should (1) create an emotional impact on the shoppers. Creating an emotional impact is about ‘surprising’ the shoppers with creativity and eventually brings them excitement and curiosity to your business. Proceeding to the next stage where online shoppers already in your online shop, (2) timeliness responds is needed to be given to those online shoppers. Timeliness responds means quick respond to the customers’ question and the way of providing the information/answer/solution must be clear and simple enough for them to absorb and understand.  At the final stage where customers already purchased your products, your products need to be in high quality and easy to find as well as recognizable, so that those online shoppers will make their repeating purchase with you whenever they need the similar products. This factor is also known as (3) continuity.


• Efficient and Effective Work

In this rapid changing world, most organisations require online marketers to have more digital content in their minds. Marketers in this era are expected to deliver much more digital content with more efficiency and more personalized. Besides, they are also expected to produce their work with limited resources and lesser resources given by the company as compared to before. Content production and designs have to be done efficiently by the marketers nowadays.


• Switch Traditional Content to Online Platforms

Traditional content like PDFs and PPT is no longer a trend for businesses. Marketers now need to study and switch the content that they’ve read, or so called simplify, to something visually appealing and make online visitors easy to understand. By creating visually appealing content marketers can attract their target audience easily because people tend to love images more than an essay full of words. In the long term, this will eventually bring interactive digital experience to the target audience.


Focusing online is a trend in this era; businesses should practice digital transformation instead of just sticking on the tradition or trying to escape from it. During the pandemic outbreak, economics got disrupted and marketing teams got a valuable opportunity to drive digital transformation in their company by putting their focus on the way of bringing excellent experiences to the online shopper.

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Prepared by: Wen Hui
Published by: Charlotte