Why All Business Should Change From Traditional To Online?

Do you ever run a retail business with limited expend that you cannot operate your business in 24/7? Moreover, you can only run your business locally but cannot cover a wide range even globally. Online Platform gives you opportunities to expand your business widely with courier or shipping service you can use to support your selling goods. E-commerce and e-business keep your business stay competitive with your competitor.


• Staying Competitive

A traditional business in which only running their business in the physical store could be troublesome for those teenagers who haven’t own a driving license and those people who are lazy to travel along the store to buy things. The travel distance might be far away and you will then miss out on a potential customer to spend money on your store. Online business provides convenience and saves time to travel along. You might just need to access a website store or application to search for products. Then, you can directly purchase items you want from the shopping cart with online transfer or credit card payment. It is more convenient for those workers and teenagers that are busy with their work and lazy to travel along to the retail store. Everything you can get is almost the same with both walk-in purchase and online purchase. Furthermore, some of the companies still provide free delivery service or online promotions during the event.


• Going Global

The traditional business way may limit your business expand of opportunities. Online business provides business growth even in globally. You might only need a shipping service through a cargo plane or a cargo ship. Your business might grow faster when exporting overseas, foreigners can also place orders on your website to get their product purchase.


• Lowering Cost

When the traditional business changes to an online platform, there is no physical store needed as you can do your business online which is called a virtual store. For a small business, you are offering a great option to start-up your business without paying rental fees to store your goods. You can start your business at any time and anyplace even at your house. Cost of advertising you can do by using social media to share. Besides, a start-up with a small online business you might not need staff to help you open store and manage store. The automation system will operate 24/7 and you can manage yourself with instant messaging. A website will help you to manage customer order records.


• Flexible

You can easily start-up your small business at the same time you can easily downsize in case there is any situation. With automation system support, you are free and you can have more time to manage other job opportunities. With notification message pop-out to know order details, so you don’t need to always check on your website or online store. You can have a professional website to manage your work task for your side income. It is a great opportunity to earn extra income for having a small online business.


• Better Customer Support

With online business, you don’t need to go for the customer side all the time. By internet access, customers can ask questions instantly in the forum or customer support service hotline. You can directly answer and know about what problem to solve. For providing tutorial videos to guide customers for solving their problem with just on time. So, your client will not have to wait for your technician to come along with the queue for quite a long time. Providing a better service to support customers will be adding value and satisfaction to your customer.


• Company Image

When your business expands to the international market, people will start to realize your name of the company, your selling product, the quality of your product. Your business will start to grow wider from an offline business to an online business. People from overseas will recognize and start to research your company and products that sell on your company website. From this effective growth, you will be able to gain competitive advantage and start to make more profit.


• Ease of Potential Customer

You build a way that makes everyone get closer to your business online based. Customers can easily look for your product and information. They can place their order through online transactions. Social media helps to communicate with customers with questions and advertising your new release product to the market easily. You can get a more potential customer to visit your site with an online business.

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Prepared by: Thian
Published by: Charlotte