5 Ways On How Chatbot Increase Your Sales and Improve Customer Service

Chatbot was initially begun as an unknown concept in technology is now turning into one of the most important parts when operating a business. As chatbots are becoming more and more important in the business industry as part of the communication process today, it powers more than 80% of all customer service interaction by the year of 2020, according to Gartner.

Many of them think that chatbot is everything that can automatically boost up sales but it only adds value and helps every business owner or marketers out there to create a sales funnel that makes it easier to convert your customer.

  • Improve Customer Service

One of the most vital parts of business is customer support or customer service. Everyone has a bad day so do your customers. If your consumer encounter any problem about your product or service, they may need our help to solve their problem and we may not available for 24 hours

Chatbots serve as a guide for your customers and improve your business performance by helping you provide better client support or to direct them to the right place. Your chatbot function day and night, means that it may help you deal and interact with customer whenever they have questions

  • Sell Products

Your intention for using chatbot may be for customer support, but it can also function as bring more direct sales to make purchase recommended from your chatbot

During the communication with your customer, chatbot can make recommendations for your products or service to make the buying process more easier and relax. Apart from that, chatbot can also offer a series of upsell products to help your business increase your sales. 

Although the chatbot may not be a 100% close deal for your business, it can definitely bring more impression for your customer which you might have a higher conversion rate.

  • Generate Leads From Chatbot

If you are familiar with digital marketing, you may know what is re-marketing and how important it is for the business. If so, chatbots can easily help your business collect and simplify lead generation.

For instance, when someone engages with your messenger bot or ads, your visual assistant chat will  automatically collect and store valuable contact information that users share when engaging.

Leads can be a form of email, users name or id or contact number will be stored and kept safely for marketing purposes. If you intend to target back users who have  engaged or interacted with you before for re-marketing purpose, it will be much easier for you to execute it. 

  • Cost Savings

By the mens of cost helping means that helps your business to saving extra for hiring another employee or buy expensive system just to manage and deal with your customer

First of all, chatbot systems are much cheaper and easier to use compared to a full functioning system. As it stated above, it can automatically begin interaction with your customer and at the same time collect user’s shared information for marketing purpose.

Chatbot is an automated system programm to handle many customers at once, and simultaneously. By judging from this function alone, business owners may save a lot cost for hiring extra worker to handle or to avoid other problems caused by human errors

Although automation chatbot may contribute to the business in terms of multi tasking, great speed, cost effective, the biggest challenge is the “personality”. In order to engage with customer, chatbot need to have some sort of personality such as way and style of responding to increase brand perception and sales.

  • Shopping Cart Reminder

According to the Hostgator, the average cart abandonment rate for online ecommerce is around 70%. There are many factors which contribute to this problem such as high price, system down, confusing purchasing flow, high shipping fees or others.

But whatever they are, automation chatbots are here to rescue. Chatbot can help by sending your potential customer a reminder for abandoning items in their shopping cart via notification or even email. Through this, it may enable to increase your conversion rate and sales for your business.

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Prepared by: Adrian
Published by: Charlotte