Here’s Why Every Businesses Need A Website in 2021

Today, you can pretty much do everything through a website. That is why consumer behaviour has changed over the time and try to adapt themselves to this digital world. For instance, learning something can be difficult when compared to 10 years ago as there is not much information on the Internet, and the most reliable source is the library or bookstore. 

Fast forward to 2020, if you run a business selling a service or product, make sure you have your website for business prepared to match with this digital world, and don’t expect a traditional poster or flyer can bring many changes to your business.

Not convincing enough? According to a survey, more than 90% of the consumers these days search online to which business can provide a solution to them. As Bill Gates once said “ If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business”.

1.Website Makes Your Business Looks Professional

Why said so?

In order to gain trust from your audience, you have to look credible to them. According to Verisign, more than 80% of consumers tend to be favourable on businesses that have their own website for business, or at least a social media platform. 

Most consumers these days tend to be picky and careful when surveys a business. For example, they will research your business, reviews, or quality of product before coming to the decision to buy from you. 

As we mentioned previously, some savvy and picky audience tend to have a background check for your business to analyse if you have your own website for business. It’s important to have a modern and nice structured web design to show that you’re trustworthy and professional.

2. Shaping Your Brand Image

Audience take it seriously about everything you express or written on your website. They use it as a benchmark to judge you on how good or bad your business is. A website allows you to express your message to the audience and control how you want the audience to think about your business.

Small things like logo, content, message, colour could be an important element in shaping brand identity as these things are the more recognisable part of your business.

 On the other hand, having a website means that you have an online presence on the Internet, which you would not need anyone who speaks on behalf of your business.

First impression count, and if your business website or landing page is well designed and is not confusing, then it should be strong enough to retain your audience.

3. Cost Effective SEO Marketing

As your business has shifted from traditional to online, so does your marketing method. Approximately half of all Google searches usually tend to look something near to them. This might include the nearest restaurant, cafe, tourist hotspot or even service centre.

If you think just by creating a website and expect thousands of visitors a day, you’re completely wrong. It doesn’t stop there. 

To continuously attract new visitors, you need optimize your website using a variety of search terms and SEO marketing strategy. SEO marketing doesn’t look easy as it seems, it requires a lot of work and time such as researching keywords, targeting keywords, crafting quality content and so on.

Let’s say you don’t have time for SEO marketing, you do have the option to choose Google Ads to advertise your business or websites. 

Just like Yellow Page, but more advance

4. 24 Hours Online

Unlike your bricks and mortar store,  your website can operate your business 24 hours and 7 days per week. That means that if you’re sick or not available , your website can still be operated by itself as it does not require manpower to keep it continuous running. 

Not only will your websites for your business run 24 hours , you may even update anytime you want such as updating new pricing, new product, or even your website’s layout and design !

5. Website Is Easier To Search 

Well, this makes sense. If your website’s main purpose is not to provide convenience, then what for? 

Through a better positioning in a digital world, a website allows your audience to contact and engage with you easily. You may even write down your contact number or address in header or footer in each of your pages. To further explore your business for continuing success,  you will need to attract new customers by making your website visible to people around the globe.  

As more and more users prefer searching online before making purchases, there’s high chances that your competitor will be ahead of you by having a better website. Position your business in a digital world may be easy but maintaining is difficult. Things such as website colour and layout, website’s structure, branding or even customer’s review may influence how your audience perceive your brand or business.



Websites are without doubt the most important element of the internet. Normally the first page we open up is called “home page”. This is usually the first page you see when you call a website up. In terms of business, basically there are 3 types of websites which are commonly used: Landing PageCompany Website or E-commerce Website.

There’s no such thing as you need to be an expert to own a website.

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Prepared by: William
Published by: Charlotte