Why You Should Advertise On Facebook In 2021?

The most common topics in these years of Facebook is not just about how to create page or chat group, it’s about how and why you should invest your money and effort to advertise on Facebook

Social media is not just a social network, it’s a place where we can connect peoples and business; in other words, it helps us to connect your business to your customers directly. 

Did you know that we spend on average two hours or more per day on social media? One of the social media was Facebook, it is a MUST for us to utilize this social media service for your business to expand market reach.

Facebook ads are mostly used for creating awareness and branding by displaying the ads rather than search ads (example: Google Adwords). The two main questions to be concerned are how to get the user to click on your ads and more importantly, how to get them to purchase your product or service.  Not all businesses are suitable to advertise by using Facebook, always test new marketing channels to look for the one that suits your business.

1. Target Your Ideal Audience

When you’re placing an advertisement online, it will be a foolish move to target everyone on Facebook if you have a very niche market.  

Facebook stores and provides tons of information such as elements like age, gender, interest, behaviour and many more just for you to select your targeted audience. You have the option to choose and exclude out connections to target the ideal audience for your business.

For instance, if you’re selling general products like cheese or milk, you may still want to select the right audience to view your advertising although these are common products. 

There are approximately 80% of the consumer generally influenced by social media advertisement before purchasing. That’s why targeting the right product to the right audience will leave a big impact and influence consumer’s buying decisions.

Facebook’s targeting or retargeting capabilities can penetrate deep down into the customer’s demographic and their behaviour and filter them one by one. By utilizing the right targeting option, you may have the result you always wish for.

2. Varieties of Facebook Campaign Format

You can create different kinds of consumer’s experience by constructing different types of campaign format. That is because Facebook offerese varieties of campaign format like pictures, videos, leads format and so on.

Video ads incorporating visual and audio, tend to attract more attention than ads with only pictures. They are incredibly effective with demonstration, reviews, or even emotional as this provides the consumer a whole new level of experience. 

Apart from this, statistics prove that there are more than 4 billion views of video being watched online and video ads encourage one-third of consumers to purchase the product. 

Hence, it is important for you to choose your ideal ads format which suit you when you plan to advertise on Facebook.

3. Customer Engagement

Having a website or a social media has a common purpose, which is to create your online existence in the digital world. Today, a lot of businesses use Facebook pages to have a direct interaction and build relationships with customers to enhance customer loyalty and brand image. 

Try to imagine that a Facebook page focuses only on hard selling with no interaction. Would they survive any longer? Probably not.

Consumer engagement plays an important role for business which it provides a pleasant feeling for the audience. This will lead to business growth, higher exposure rate and eventually more sales, all because they knew you stand from a customer’s perspective when conducting business. 

However,  pictures and graphics alone may sometimes generate less engagement than you expected. If so, you may start planning and explore other engagement ads format such competition ads or video ads that may generate higher engagement results than before.

4. Billions of Users Everyday

People nowadays can’t live without Facebook, so does your business. As you know, there are over 1 billion users log in everyday and with this amount of audience, you may want to find a way to connect with them. In Facebook, your business page will be provided with all of the information you need when selecting your target audience. 

Follow the crowd, and you will find a way to reach your audience.

Facebook is becoming a major part of our lives and many of the millennials can’t survive a day without it and the trends are not going to disappear anytime soon. 

If everyone is on Facebook, either a normal user or advertisers. Why don’t you?

5. Analytics Report

While you’re spending big bucks on your advertisement, you might want to see the result. While depending on your ads format, most of the metrics are available. Apart from that , you may view results that drive out from Facebook such as websites clicks, provided you have Facebook pixel installed.

Facebook will provide you with a free analytics report that shows how your ads perform such as reach, impression, engagement, clicks and many more. Since you are able to track and measure your ads from analytics reports, you are given room for improvement to plan better ads strategies for future. 

Your ads analytics report are truly reliable as it is provided by the platform itself, you can measure or make adjustments to your ads to make it more effective.


You may be amazed and confused at the same time when using Facebook advertising for your business as it provides us tons of information and tools. Before making any mistakes, consult with Dot Connect and their expertise beforehand and they will tell you what is your next step.

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Prepared by: William
Published by: Charlotte